Arrow of Light Award

  1. Be active in your Webelos den for at least 6 months since completing the fourth grade (or for at least six months since becoming 10 years old), and earn the Webelos badge.
  2. Show your knowledge of the requirements to become a Boy Scout by doing all of these:
  3. Earn five more activity badges for a total of eight. (You already earned three for the Webelos badge. The total of eight must include Citizen, Fitness, Readyman, and at least one from the outdoor group, one from the mental skills group, and one from the technology group.)
  4. With your Webelos den, visit at least one Boy Scout troop meeting, and one Boy Scout-oritented outdoor activity.
  5. Participate in a Webelos overnight campout or day hike.
  6. After you have completed all five of the above requirements, and after a talk with your Webelos leader, arrange to visit, with your parent or guardian, a meeting of a Boy Scout troop you think you might like to join. Talk to the Scoutmaster. Then get an "Application to Become a Boy Scout," fill it out and have your parent or guardian sign it. Show it to your Webelos leader and talk about your interest in becoming a Boy Scout.
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