Citizen Activity Badge


  1. Know the names of the President and Vice-President of the United States. Know the names of the Governor of your state and the head of your local government.
  2. Describe the flag of the United States and give a short history of it. With another Webelos Scout helping you, show how to hoist and lower the flag, how to hang it horizontally and vertically on a wall, and how to fold it.
  3. Explain why you should respect your country's flag. Tell what special days you should fly it in your state. Tell when to salute the flag and show how to do it.
  4. Know the Pledge of Allegiance and repeat it from memory. Explain its meaning in your own words. Lead your Webelos den in reciting the pledge.
  5. Tell about the meaning of our National Anthem and how it was written.
  6. Explain the rights and duties of a citizen of the United States. Explain what a citizen should do to save our resources.
  1. Tell about two things you have done that will help law enforcement agencies.
  2. Visit a community leader. Learn about the duties of the job or office. Tell the members of your Webelos den what you have learned.
  3. Write a short story of not less than 50 words about a former U.S. president or some other great American. Give a report on this to your Webelos den.
  4. Tell about another boy you think is a good citizen. Tell what he does that makes you think he is a good citizen.
  5. List the names of five people you think are good citizens. They can be from any country. Tell why you chose each of them.
  6. Tell why we have laws. Tell why you think it is important to obey the law. Tell about three laws you obeyed this week.
  7. Tell why we have a government. Explain some ways your family helps pay for government.
  8. List six ways in which your country helps or works with other nations.
  9. Name three organizations, not churches or synagogues, in your area that help people. Tell something about what one of these organizations does.
  10. Alone or with your Webelos den, do a special Good Turn. Help your church or synagogue, school, neighborhood, or town. Tell what you did.
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