Requirements for Music merit badge from ? to January 1, 1998:

  1. Sing or play a simple song or hymn picked by your counselor. Read all the signs and terms of the score. Use good technique, phrasing, tone, dynamics, and rhythm.
  2. Name the four general groups of musical instruments. Tell how you get tones from one of each group.
  3. Do TWO of the following:
    1. Go to a classical or semiclassical musical performance; or listen to 3 hours of such programs on radio, television, tapes, or records. Report what you heard. Tell who wrote them. Tell who the artists were. Name the conductors. Know the story of any program music or opera you heard. Talk over how you feel about the music.
    2. Outline the development of music in the United States. Show that you know the lives and works of five of this country's better-known composers and musical artists.
    3. Serve for 6 months as a member of a school, church, Scout unit, or other town musical organization; or take part as a soloist in public six times.
  4. Do ONE of the following:
    1. Teach three songs to a group of people. Lead them in singing the songs. Use proper hand motions.
    2. Compose and write the score for a piece of music 12 measures or more.
    3. Make a primitive musical instrument. Learn to play it.
    4. Catalog your own or your family collection of 12 or more tapes or records. Show how to handle and store them.

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