Veterinary Medicine

The title for Veterinary Science merit badge was changed to Veterinary Medcine effective September 1, 1995.

  1. Tell the normal posture or attitude, motion or action of two farm animals and two companion animals.
  2. Make chart showing the normal body temperature, heart and respiration rates of the horse, cow, pig, sheep, dog, and cat.
  3. Make a schematic drawing of at least two of the following body systems. Label the parts. Explain the function of each part; respiratory, digestive, skeletal, and circulatory.
  4. Prepare a program of animal health maintenance for two farm animals and one pet. Emphasize adequate housing, feeding, watering, exercise, and grooming care, if required. Give the kinds of food that each animal needs.
  5. Tell the importance of proper nutrition in farm animals and pets.
  6. Define bacterium, virus, and parasite. Tell how they cause diseases in animals. Name two diseases of farm animals and of pets caused by each.
  7. Show with drawings the stages of the life cycles of the tick, dog roundworm, and dog heartworm.
  8. Name five diseases of animals transmissible to humans.
  9. Spend as much time as possible with a veterinarian. Watch the kind of work he does. Prepare a written summary of your experience.
  10. Tell about veterinary activities other than direct treatment and handling of animals.

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