1. Explain the responsibilities of a salesman, how he serves his customers, and how he helps the economy grow.
  2. Do ONE of the following (including the keeping of records):
    1. Help your unit raise funds through sales either of merchandise or of tickets to a Scout event such as a circus or show, accounting for more than your proportionate share of the sales.
    2. Earn money for yourself through retail selling, such as in a store.
  3. Explain the value to a salesman of the following points, with regard to the item he is selling:
    1. Properly researching the market for the potential salability of the item.
    2. Proper training in sales, particularly concerning the item he wants to sell.
    3. If possible, visiting the plant that produces the item and seeing the manufacturing process.
    4. Continuing the follow-up with accounts after their primary purchase.
  4. Develop and present to your counselor a sales program for a territory and product assigned by the counselor.
  5. Assume you have the proper background and traits for a sales job that appeals to you. Prepare a written statement of your qualifications and experience that you could send to a prospective employer.
  6. Interview a salesman and a retailer who buys from salesman. Submit your answers to your counselor.
  7. Make a sales presentation of a product assigned by your counselor of a reasonable value.
  8. Investigate and report on career opportunities in sales. List high school courses most helpful in beginning such preparation.
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