Requirements for Hiking merit badge from ? to January 1, 1998:

  1. Show that you know first aid for injuries or illnesses that could occur while hiking, including hypothermia, heatstroke, heat exhaustion, frostbite, dehydration, sunburn, insect stings, tick bites, snakebite, blisters, and hyperventilation.
  2. Explain and show, where possible, the main points of good hiking practices.
  3. Make a written plan for a 10-mile hike. Including map routes, a clothing and equipment list, and a list of things for a trail lunch.
  4. Take five hikes of 10 continuous miles each, on 5 days.
  5. Take a hike of 20 continuous miles in 1 day.
  6. Within a month of the last hike and after taking all six hikes, make a short report of each of the six hikes. Give dates, routes covered, weather, and any interesting things you saw.

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