Requirements for Communications merit badge from ? to January 1, 1998.

  1. Develop a plan to teach a skill. Have it approved by your counselor. Then, create and make teaching aids. Carry out your plan. With your counselor, check to see if the learner has learned.
  2. Pick an item or product. It may be real or imagined. Build a sales plan based on its good points. Try to "sell" the counselor on buying it from you. Talk with him about how well you did in telling him about the item and the wisdom of buying it.
  3. Show how you would make a telephone call inviting someone who is an expert (in the field of your choice) give a demonstration on their skill to your unit.
  4. Do the following:
    1. Write a 5-minute speech. Give it at a meeting of a group.
    2. Show how to introduce a guest speaker.
  5. Attend a town meeting where two or three points of view are being given. Record what you hear. Make a report from your notes. Tell your troop or patrol what you think you heard.
  6. Plan a troop court of honor or campfire program. Give it to the patrol leader's council for approval. Write the script. Prepare the program for reproduction. Act as master of ceremonies.
  7. Prepare an autobiographical resume that you would use in applying for a job.
  8. Check careers in the field of communications. Prepare a statement on the one you like. Talk it over with your counselor.

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