1. Do the following:
    1. Name and explain the archery safety rules.
    2. Tell about the local and state laws on ownership, use and registration or archery tackle.
  2. Do the following:
    1. Name and point out the parts of an arrow.
    2. Name and point out the parts of a bow.
    3. Describe and show how to use an arm guard, shooting glove, finger tab, and quiver.
  3. Do the following:
    1. Explain proper care of and how to store the bow, bowstring, arrows, and leather items.
    2. Make a bowstring and use it.
    3. Make one complete arrow from a bare shaft.
    4. Explain the following terms: cast, bow weight, string height(fist-mele), aiming, spine, mechanical release, freestyle, and bare bow.
    5. Describe the different types of arrows.
    6. Show the nine basic steps of a good shooting method.
    7. Locate and mark with dental floss, crimp on, or other method the nocking point on a bow string.
  4. Shoot with bow and arrows, using a finger release:
    1. One round from any of the following NFAA field rounds and indoor rounds:
      1. A field round of 14 targets and make a score of 60 points
      2. An indoor round and make a score of 50 points
      3. A 900 round and make a score of 225 points *
      4. An indoor FITA round I and make a score of 80 points **
    2. As a member of the NAA Junior Olympic Archery Development Club, qualify as a Yeoman, Junior Bowman, and Bowman.
    3. As a member of the NFAA Junior Division, qualify as a Cub or Youth by earning 100-score Progression Patches.
  5. Explain the following:
    1. The difference between field and target archery.
    2. Field round, hunter round, animal round.
    3. Scout field round.
    4. Indoor field rounds.
    5. 900, junior 900, Easton, and junior /easton rounds
    6. Indoor FITA rounds I and II
    7. FITA and junior FITA rounds
    8. Junior Olympic qualification rounds.
    9. The importance of obedience to a rangemaster or other person in charge of a range.

* Intermediates 15-17 years old

** Juniors up to 14 years old

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