Traveler Activity Badge


  1. Get a map or timetable from a railroad, bus line, or airline. The line should serve the place where you live. Look up some places it goes.
  2. Use timetables to plan a trip from your home to a city in another state by railroad, bus, or airline.
  3. Find out what it costs per mile to travel by bus, railroad, or plane.
  4. With your parents or guardian, take a trip to someplace that interests you. Go by bus, boat, train, or plane.
  5. List four nearby trips you would like to take with your parent or guardian. Lay out the trips on a highway map. Using the map, act as navigator on one of these trips. It should be at least 25 miles long and have six or more turns.
  6. Pack a suitcase for a trip.
  7. Check the first aid kit in the family car.
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