Naturalist Activity Badge


  1. Keep an "insect zoo" that you have collected. You might have crickets, ants, or grasshoppers.
  2. Set up an aquarium or terrarium. Put plants and animals that you have collected in it. Keep it for at least a month.
  3. Visit a museum of natural history, nature center, or zoo with your family, den, or pack. Tell what you saw.
  4. Watch for birds in your yard, neighborhood, or town for 1 week. Identify the birds you see and write down where and when you saw them.
  5. Learn about the bird flyways closest to your home. Find out what birds use these flyways.
  6. Learn to identify poisonous plants and reptiles found in your area.
  7. Watch six wild animals (snakes, turtles, fish, birds, or mammals) in the wild. Describe the kind of place (forest, field, marsh, yard, or park) where you saw them. Tell what they were doing.
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