Communicator Activity Badge


  1. Play the Body Language Game with your den.
  2. Tell your den about something you have done and answer their questions about it.
  3. Invent and use a sign language or picture writing to tell someone a story.
  4. With your den, use a signal code to send a message of a few words.
  5. Tell how to use a telephone or Citizens Band (CB) radio properly.
  6. Invent your own secret code and send one of your den members a secret message.
  7. With one of your den members, tell a story two different ways. Let the rest of the den try to find out which version is true by asking questions.
  1. With your den, visit a library and talk to a librarian. Learn how books are indexed to make them easy to find.
  2. Visit the newsroom of a newspaper or radio or television station and find out how they receive information.
  3. Invite a blind, deaf, or mute person to visit your den. Ask them about special problems they have in communicating. See how well you can communicate with them.
  4. Use a personal computer or terminal to access a computer database. Talk about what you discover.
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